• Name: Macarena Merida Floriano
  • Location:

    Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Edf.45.1.41.

    Ctra.Utrera Km1 (41013). Sevilla, Spain
  • Year of Birth: 1994
PhD Student
Macarena Merida Floriano
Short Bio

Graduated in Physics by Universidad de Sevilla (2016). I was always interested in multidisciplinar areas and learning new things, specially related with applications to environment and biology.
I started working at the Service Robotics Laboratory in September 2016 under the supervision of Prof.Luis Merino and Prof.Fernando Caballero in a research project developed in collaboration with a group of biologists. In this project (OCELLIMAV), I applied Deep Learning (Convolutional Neural Networks) to recover angular rates from images mimicking Drosophila's flight and biological neural network related. At that time, I studied the Master of Logic, Computation and Artificial Intelligent at Universidad de Sevilla.

Currently, I'm a PhD student at Service Robotics Laboratory (Pablo de Olavide University, Sevilla, Spain). My topic is localization in GPS-restricted environments combining classical robotics methods with Deep Learning approaches.

My work-related interests are Deep Learning (Machine Learning in general), localization, SLAM, odometry, Python and real applications.
On the personal side, I'm passionated about Nature, travels, photography, design, music and animals. I always try to generate a good working atmosphere, I am an easy-going person but also very focused when it is needed. I am very committed to social and gender equality, as well as with environmental topics. I like learning new things, I am hardworking and fast-learner.

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Programming languages
Predispotion to learn
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